Gunsmoke Clothing

So I came across the old Gunsmoke Clothing promo videos and thought I would post them for you to check out. The first video is from the MAGIC trade show in Vegas in 2009. Yes, they are old. Sojones featured Gunsmoke Clothing on their home page.


Nixon Spread

I was asked by Nixon to design a 2 page spread for them… Okay so I’m dreamin’ . This was a project I had for my Independent Study class. The project was to design a 2 page spread over any company/subject, so naturally I chose Nixon. (I am a huge fan of Nixon and Oakley for those who don’t know). Nixon’s ads vary from very simple to really “artsy”, thats why I wanted two different looks.This was my first time doing a spread like this so let me know your thoughts!

Enhanced Quotation

This is also for my Independent Study… The project was exactly what it sounds like. I was told to choose a quote that I like and make it visually appealing. I chose the quote by Marcel Duchamp because he is quite the character and always had something funny to say. Let me know what you think!

Letter Study

Hey everyone, so I am taking an Independent Study this last semester of school over Typography. One of the projects was to do a quick letter study over a letter of my choice. I chose “X”. The letter is not only aesthetically interesting but also ambiguous in its meaning. It was originally used for the mark of Christ or One. Anyways, here is a quick letter study for fun. Let me know your thoughts.

Bayou Snacks

I was asked to create some labels for a new product line of Bayou Foods called Bayou Snacks. These cajun flavored crackers, goldfish, and pretzels are really good by the way. Anyways, these are the first three concepts. Let me know what you think.