Ad Concept

Here is a concept I did for Kraft’s new Big Stuff. The idea was to get the working man (blue collar) to pick one up for a filling snack while out on the job site. (a tool to “fix hunger now”)



Downtown Temple TX

These are some photos from the historic downtown Temple, TX. With a fresh stencil in hand, I went walking through downtown. I brought the camera along…because you never know when you’ll need it. Sure enough, I wanted to capture the ghost town feel and the orange lighting from the random street lamps. I didn’t take pictures of the stencil, but thought these were cool, if not cooler.

Me & Shepard Fairey

My day started out with a call from my dad telling me there was a cool picture in the DMN Arts section of Shepard Fairey. He went on to say he [Shepard] is in West Dallas doing a handful of murals. Being a huge fan, when I got to work, I looked up where he was doing this at. Lunch rolled around. I found the location. Printed the directions and told my co-worker to grab the camera. Driving across the bridge to West Dallas, the first mural became visible. The vibrant fresh paint against the old building was an awesome site. Once we got there, Shepard actually got down off of the scaffold, shook our hands, and started talking to us. He was a very nice guy and kept thanking us for the support of his work. He then let us take a picture with him and handed us some of his stickers. Awesome day.