Akzidenz PSA

Helvetica is the most common typeface. Whether you like it or not, Helvetica is thrown in your face by corporations such as Target and Crate & Barrel. Though it is an excellent typeface, since it is being used by everyone (even our street signs) the greatness of the font is being dwindled  down (my opinion). Akzidenz Grotesk is actually the original form of Helvetica. Use Akzidenz. Watch Art&Copy!Do you know where Helvetica is? Leave a comment.




At work, Woodward Creative Group,I was asked to come up with a logo for a new

product from IFS. The product is exactly what it sounds like; it blocks the view of

what you are working on from the side. (ex. in a classroom setting at students’ desks)

They wanted the product to be in the logo. These are a couple of the concepts I came

up with. The bottom one is the final logo!

FIDM Student Council

FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) LA

Student Council needed a logo. My younger sister, Taylor,

is a member of their student council and mentioned it to me.

I came up with a couple logo concepts for them to look at

and this is the final result. Thanks to my sis, I got to do this

one! Hope you all like it!

Highways & Byways

So I was asked by the dean of the College of Visual and Performing Arts

to come up with a unique poster for an upcoming concert that our

school was putting on. There were no restriction other than having all

the necessary info on there. This was the final product!

Cut to the chase!

cut to the chase

Ever read an article that just seems to drag on… and on…? Well that’s

exactly what happened to me. That’s when I thought to myself…

“just cut to the chase already!” Instead of reading the rest of the article,

I did this poster design. Simple, but kind of funny I thought.